Melbourne organic food coop

A few months ago I spent some time listening to Zach Bush and Rich Roll talking about this broken food system of ours and I decided in that moment that I was going to start a food co-op, something I had been meaning to do for years…

It has taken a few long months of late nights spent researching local small scale organic growers, interviewing friends and slowly curating a list of pantry staples like rain fed rice, biodynamic oats, flour, olive oil and nuts. To be fair, there were a few Youtube rabbit hole detours learning about regenerative agriculture, biodynamic farming and even backyard permaculture as I weighed up all options and came to a simple list of fifteen core pantry staples that we all eat most weeks, that could make a difference.

It’s very much in its infancy at the moment, with an excel order form and a very crudely put together info sheet about each of the growers however please do drop me an email if you’re interested in learning more. Collection is only available in Middle Park at this stage, but who knows where it will go… sometimes we need to let these things either sink or…


Cargo bike

Dutch cargo bike blog

The bicycle: such a simple solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems.

Last summer I bought a cargo bike from a lovely woman named Nic who had moved to Montmorency and no longer had a place to ride her bike. I had seen them in Amsterdam years before, watching the Dutch ferry their kids to school as part of their daily commute complete with leather satchels, baby capsules and even their dogs riding in the front cart. I had wanted one for so long – until one day, the universe delivered…

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Simple living blog

Because the home is a reflection of the mind

… and tidying up is life-changing.

However we choose to declutter, the true benefit beyond having less in our home and mind, lies in the clarity that follows the process.

Once we strip away the materialism of life, a certain clarity arrives, based on our values and how we choose to live our lives, that is unmovable – permanent, unwavering, and what remains speaks volumes.

Every decision becomes a values based one, and we no longer wonder. We begin to live in the now, letting our values and our bodies guide us forward

as the mind becomes quiet 


A time to splurge

Sustainable living

In a lot of ways we live pretty conservatively, consuming mindfully and slowly, however I was thinking the other day that there are still certain times when it’s good to let it rain and spend with absolute reckless abandon. Continue reading “A time to splurge”

Environmentalist Graham Hill

Small space living podcast

Design your life to include money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy

Graham Hill is one of those amazing humans who has a string of achievements across multiple disciplines. He launched while backpacking around the world, which went on to become the largest green site on the web at the time, he then started LifeEdited which inspired New Yorkers to live more with less through a series of small space living design projects.

Graham has also collaborated on a thin bike that won a Red Dot design award, and was an early pioneer of the reusable coffee cup movement, his being a replica of the iconic New York disposable coffee cup.

Our chat covers the importance of community and progress over perfection, bringing back the in-between times and limiting social media use in order to foster stronger personal connections.

It was recorded over many thousands of miles; Graham was in Maui at the time and I was in Melbourne, so forgive me the sound recording isn’t up to our usual standard but the conversation definitely is, so please stick with me, I promise it’s worth it.