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One of the keys to living a simple life is having less in every part of the home, including the bathroom cabinet which works to simplify the beauty routine in terms of time, products and ingredients.

Where possible I try and substitute highly processed beauty products for whole beauty products (kind of like whole foods for the skin), in order to reduce the amount of chemicals soaking into my skin each day. It’s usually pretty basic ingredients that can be found at the supermarket or health food store. Over the years, I have developed a few favourites:

+ Almond oil. When we think about how much body moisturiser we put on our skin (which soaks in), it makes sense for our moisturiser to be a natural, food-based one. I always keep a few litres of Australian almond oil on hand for all manner of uses for the hair, hands, elbows, feet.

+ Extra virgin olive oil. I keep a tin in the kitchen and decanter a little bit into a bottle to use as a face moisturiser after cleansing at night. It is so good for the skin, both inside and out.

+ Sesame oil. Makes for a good cleanser that easily lifts dirt and makeup and leaves the skin feeling ultra moisturised, plus it’s packed with vitamin E which nourishes the skin and his anti-ageing properties.

+ Goats milk soap. I keep a bar in the shower to wash my face each morning.

+ Epsom salts. After a very long week, especially in the winter, I’ll often take Oli back to my parent’s house in the country, leave mum to do story time and run a hot Epsom salts bath in order to unwind and think about the weeks ahead.

+ Water. Yep that old chestnut, it’s literally the biggest miracle in skin care, and the greatest value. Simply keeping our water levels up will make a bigger difference to the skin than any expensive night cream ever will.

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