Simple ways to reduce your footprint

Zero Waste Grocery shoppingSince having children I have become a lot more aware of the environment and making sure that we leave this earth in good condition for generations to come.

At first, working towards Zero Waste might seem overwhelming, however every little effort collectively makes an enormous difference. Even if you do just one thing, start shopping with a reusable bag or using a Keep Cup rather than a disposable coffee cup – every little plastic bag and coffee cup saved really does add up when change happens across millions of people.

Here’s a few relatively effortless ways to reduce your environmental footprint:

+ Shop with reusable bags. I keep a few by the front door so that I always have one on hand – not just for the groceries but also for that odd trip to the chemist or clothes shop. The Seed & Sprout Co bags are pretty good, plus I have a major girl crush on Stephanie and Laurie over at Dans le Sac.

+ Use handkerchiefs rather than tissues. There’s something really lovely about using old hankies from my dads handkerchief drawer, it reminds me of how life used to be – simple.

+ Replace napkins with linens. This makes for a much nicer dinner setting anyway – definitely worth the treat, here’s a few that I like from a sweet New Zealand design house.

+ Cut up your old tees. Old t-shirts make for the softest washable rags that can be used to replace paper towels and cleaning wipes.

+ Keep a reusable coffee cup in your bag/car. Or better still, take a moment to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe – are we really that busy that we can’t take five minutes out of our day to stop and think?

+ Pack your lunch. For me, a packed lunch doesn’t have to be a special meal, it’s usually just a leftover salad or a few cut up carrots, snowpeas & cherry tomatoes, and maybe a hard boiled egg, or a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit – whatever bits and pieces I happen to have on hand.

+ Swap liquid soap for bar soap. Again, something really nice here about an old-school bar of soap in the shower. I still have refillable handwash from The Source on hand for guests, but love my bars of soap.

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