Making do with what you have on hand

Making do

What’s on hand may be even better: Rather than buying something new, look for things you already have in the house. Using things for unintended purposes, like a carafe as a vase or a white porcelain dish to hold small objects – can give your room an unusual and interesting touch.

– Muji Global Tip 07 for Living a New Way

This tip from Muji pretty much sums it up perfectly. Every time I have a problem where the obvious solution is to rush out and thoughtlessly buy a quick fix I always take a few days to think over what the solution might be and to go through what I have on hand to see if I can come up with a solution.

With our recent move to a small 75 square metre seaside rental I needed a solution to sort our washing in a way that was relatively visible and practical. Even though there are some beautiful cane wicker baskets at Muji which I had been eyeing off, after going through the house I found that a cobbled together collection of a washing basket, soaking bucket and two calico bags were enough to sort our washing into darks, lights, whites and shirts.

If you definitely don’t have what you need on hand, it’s also a good idea to talk to your friends/parents about what they might have spare, or check your local thrift shop before heading out to purchase, which is also fine when it’s well thought out Lagom style as I’m sure you will just love the items that have been thoroughly considered.

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