Making a rental house a home

How to make a rental house nicerSometimes it’s the little finishing touches that make a home feel cosy; like a sheepswool draped over an armchair, a fresh bunch of flowers by the night stand or a few tea light candles above the fireplace.

Sometimes even a very basic bathroom can be made to look so much better with just a small vase of flowers and some fresh linens.

In fact, beyond our furniture, it’s often the little ‘accessories’ that actually determine the feel of a home. Over the years I’ve developed a few favourites…

+ Quality linens. Obsessed. Having nice linen tea towels, hand towels, bath towels and napkins on display creates an earthy feel in the home at little cost. We tend to go for thin waffle towels that dry easier in the winter time. If you’re a linen fan you’ll love Not Perfect Linen, a sustainable manufacturer in Lithuania that produces the most beautiful linen pieces that are hand made to last a lifetime.

+ Rugs. Great for hiding old carpet, or giving warmth to tiles or hard boards. Rugs also work well to absorb noise, especially in hallways when little feet run with excitement when dad gets home.

+ Flowers. Even just branches pruned from your garden work to give life to an otherwise austere backdrop. Whenever we go for a drive in the countryside I’m always on the lookout for roadside gems that give interest to our kitchen table. My favourites at the moment are foraged pine branches or eucalypts such as Mountain Blue Gum stems which grow in abundance down towards the 90 mile beach.

+ Cushions and throws offer a great way to update a not-so-perfect couch. A homemade cotton couch cover is also well worth the time invested to update your lounge on a shoestring budget.

+ Hooks. S hooks, peg rails and strategically placed coat hangers offer extra space for spare towels and winter coats that don’t fit in your cupboard. The ones featured in the above pic are from Scout House… a divine shop in St Kilda with an equally lovely owner.

+ Tools made from natural materials. There’s something incredibly calming about looking at a handmade wooden broom, an old steel bucket and a wooden cleaning brush. Going the extra mile to ensure that everything in the home is beautiful enough to be left out on display will mean that storage is less of an issue in a rental home as there is less need to hide things away.

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