A simple bathroom

Back to basics beauty

Just in the same way simplifying the way we eat allows the body to work as nature intended, I find keeping things simple in the bathroom helps to give your skin a bit of breathing space to decompress and get back to its natural rhythms.

There are some basic ways to simplify your beauty routine but sometimes it can be as simple as choosing a lovely old-school bar of soap, using a face washer rather than wipes, and buying your shampoo and conditioner in refillable bottles at the bulk store.

Choosing natural fibres like wooden hair and tooth brushes and metal safety razors over their plastic counterparts will also help to pare things back.

To keep it simple, I often look to the kitchen for substitute ingredients like using corn flour in place of dry shampoo, and olive oil as a body moisturiser.

When it comes to the number of products in our beauty cabinets I think there are few places in the home where the phrase less is more is more pertinent.

We spend a staggering amount on beauty in the western world and I think we have a lot to learn from older cultures in places like northern Africa and India who have been practicing more simple forms of natural beauty for centuries.

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