Essential oils

Spring scented flowers

Over the years, I have developed a few  favourites:

+ Lemon essential oil is the secret trick to removing the sticky label glue from jam jars. After scrubbing the label off simply add 10-15 drops to a cloth and rub away the glue from the jar. It also makes for a nice cleaning scent for bathroom/sprays (although take care not to use citrus on wooden floors).

+ Jasmine. Makes for a simple perfume on spring days when the sun returns, or any time of year really… it’s a lovely scent to rub on the wrists with a little carrier oil – almond or jojoba.

+ Lavender. Add a few drops to the bath or shower to inhale and relax of an evening. Also a goodie to include in a pillow spray for restful sleep, with perhaps a touch of Rose Geranium to add a few feminine floral notes.

+ Tea tree. This powerful Australian essential oil is an antiseptic, anti fungal, antibacterial and pesticide. Great to add to vinegar and water and spray around the perimeter of the home to keep insects away. It’s also a natural treatment for children’s nits when blended with coconut oil and works to naturally dry out pimple spots and cold sores. Also a goodie to clean with given its anti-everything properties.

+ Vanilla essence. Although technically not an essential oil, vanilla essence offers the nicest way to wipe down the fridge and add a lovely creamy scent to other areas of the home.

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