The little votes

Ethical clothing

When you think about it, the most powerful vote you have isn’t the one coming up in the next election, but rather all the little ones you make every single day, with your dollars.

Every single time you make a purchase you are choosing to condone that brand’s behaviour, whether they’re a small family business or a large corporation, you are saying ‘yes I agree with your practices, keep doing what you’re doing’.

This is an incredibly powerful thing; you have the power to support those humans who are trying really hard to change the world and do the right thing, and you also have the power to starve the multinationals and bring about change for the better… Big brands are always trying to work out what their customers what, and nothing speaks louder than dropping sales.

I know we can’t all afford to buy lovely threads like this Made in Melbourne Organic Crew jumper every single day, but by buying less it does make the occasional purchase more affordable.

Balancing these values with the amount of clothing needed for two growing messy little humans isn’t easy, however there are some great brands like Cotton On Kids working really hard to source ethically, and at an affordable price, that will always get my dollars.

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