On simplifying life

How to simplify your lifeThese days I think we tend to overcomplicate life – taking on too much, without ever taking the time to step back and reflect.

By being busy we feel as if we’re achieving, but at times it can begin to feel like a bit of a treadmill. I’ve listed below a few quick ways to get back to basics and pair things back to achieve a bit more clarity.

+ Turn off the TV. It is amazing what can be done with those spare hours each day, even if it means just spending more time with the humans in our lives… we can take back so much time with just one switch.

+ Politely decline invites. Rather than automatically accepting every invite to every work function/industry night/kids birthday party just because our diary is free, let’s take a few minutes to assess  before automatically accepting.

+ Stop shopping. By having less there is less to wash, finance, clean and store; there’s little that helps to simplify as much as having a de-cluttered home. Often what we already have on hand will suffice with a little creativity.

+ Forget the complex recipes. Stick to the basics in order to reduce shopping and cooking time.. or even just outsource a few meals and buy a few pies and quiches from your local bakery, there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing.

+ Meal prep on the weekends. A little chopping after coming home from the markets/green grocers goes a long way, and the odd soup or spag bol cooked at the start of the week will always be handy to have on hand for late nights. Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life taught me to always always always double the recipe and keep a batch in the freezer, best tip ever.

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