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The best storage solution is none at all.

At times one might feel the need for clever storage solutions in order to have an organised home, when really what’s required is just less… When it comes to storage ideas for small space living, I believe the first step is to declutter the Japanese way so there is less to store and we are left with only our favourite things.

I find when we love the the things we own, our useful items become our design aesthetic, especially if they’re made from natural fibres… household tools made from wood, natural grasses, horsehair, linen etc often look good enough to be left out on display so there’s no need to hide them away in a cupboard. For example we store our broom on a peg rail in the kitchen, and our spare white bedsheets live stacked in a wire basket on the shelf in lieu of storage space.

It’s easier when everything matches… for example The Minimalists recommend choosing a favourite item in each category and having a few of them.. so for example rather than having a bunch of different pens, find the best pen and buy a few of them (and donate the rest), we do this with things like towels, facewashers etc… I have even started applying it to jars that I save to store pantry foods bought in bulk, so that there is consistency in the design, kind of like the way mass planting works for landscaping. Somehow with less different kinds of things, it’s easier for the eyes to ‘rest’.

Baskets are another good idea with small space living, especially for little people. We store Ol’s clothes in woven baskets on the floor of his bedroom so that he can easily reach them and dress himself in the mornings – plus then we don’t have to fold his clothes (win).

When it comes to rails I’m all about brass s hooks which work to create extra hanging space on towel rails and clothes racks. So so handy… one can never have enough s hooks.

Vertical storage is also another goodie as touted by Marie Kondo; storing things like cutlery vertically in baskets makes them easy for little hands to reach and frees up valuable drawer space in a small kitchen.

Overall, if one is looking for storage ideas, it might be a good idea to start with…


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  1. I read Chelsea Jarred’s column in the SMH Good Food. It was such a good clear message which I felt should be heard by ALL Australians.
    We, elderly people, came here 5 years ago from the UK and i was appalled by the waste and lack of awareness of the environmental impact of their profligacy. Even now, with the half-hearted support of supermarkets to the ‘plastic bag affair’ I still see many buying plastic bags with abandon.
    It occurred to me that if you were able to take part in breakfast television programmes – not only the ABC where you might be ‘preaching to the converted’- but the other more popular channels too, then you could make the valid and simple suggestions you made in your column to a wider audience.
    You may be interested in Transition Town Totnes which is an environmental movement in Devon – where we lived.

    Regards, Anne Hodgkinson

    1. Thanks Anne! Great ideas, I’ll be sure to check out the TTT and talk to the morning TV shows. Keep up the good work! Chelsea x

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