The happy dance rule

Things to consider when shopping

Do I love it so much that it makes me do a happy dance in the change rooms!?

Mindful consumerism: deciding slowly.

A list of considerations…

Is it going to get better with age? I.e. a leather jacket, or a linen shirt that will soften with wears. Is it made from natural fibres – cotton, wool etc. 

Am I going to choose to wear it over other clothes that I already have in my wardrobe? Or do I already have something similar?

Would I pay full price (if it’s reduced)? Am I going to donate it at the end of the season due to a lack of quality? Does it need to be dry cleaned or hand washed each time?

What’s the true cost – Who made it? How was it made? What is the true cost to the environment and the people who made it? 

Can I buy better elsewhere? Is this really the best denim jacket I have ever seen?

Do I really need it or can I make do with something I already have? What would I wear it with? 

Is it the right size, and is it flattering? Is the colour part of my usual palette?

Do I want it so badly that I cannot bear to put it back on the shelf? 

I know the above list seems a bit exhaustive, however I have found that if we love what we buy so much to begin with, and I mean really truly adore it, then we end up with a wardrobe full of pieces that we..

truly love

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