img_8839Lately I have been repairing all manner of things around the house.

I contacted Scanpan who kindly sent me a set of tiny screws to repair a saucepan lid handle that had come loose. I ordered a couple more rubber rings for the Weck jars that had stretched beyond repair after years of use, and even splurged on a new undercarriage basket for the pram, after hundreds of trips spent hauling fruit and veg back from the greengrocers from when Ol was little and we lived nearby (it was beginning to drag along the pavement it had been so badly stretched).

I’ve found that sometimes it’s the little wins in life that make all the difference, and just by chatting to the manufacturer, we can make something that we love good as new again, just by replacing the odd spare part.

To this note, a good tailor is worth their weight in gold; a simple tuck at the hemline, a few darts in a jacket, or sometimes just by re-dying the material to a new black all of a sudden we have a new piece of clothing in our wardrobe to enjoy, that fits like a glove and has that lovely…

worn in softness.


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