A time to splurge

Sustainable living

In a lot of ways we live pretty conservatively, consuming mindfully and slowly, however I was thinking the other day that there are still certain times when it’s good to let it rain and spend with absolute reckless abandon.

For example I go nuts at the greengrocer; buying bunches of grapes and early season figs knowing they’ll likely be gobbled up by my tot before I even make it to the kitchen table to put everything away.

Another time is when replacing basics that are worn every day – like singlets in the winter time, or T-shirts in the summer, or when replacing a much-loved pair of jeans that have seen better days… or when buying a watch that I know I’ll wear every single day forever.. I think these are the times to invest in quality and design, especially if our purchases are locally made and made to last.

Or, when supporting a local business that is working hard to create change – like an organic shop or a farmers market, or a bulk whole food store where we can really let our hair down and splurge on those organic pinenuts (that are probably only a couple of dollars per salad when we break it down anyway).

There’s certainly a time and a place for reckless consumerism… although I’m not sure that buying organic pinenuts are exactly what Ghandi meant when he said

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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