The line

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This is the thing with sustainability, it has to be sustainable.

For some legends like Bea Johnson that line is pretty far.  For others, jugging work, kids…. life in general, sometimes the sacrifices outweigh the benefits…

Over the years there have been a lot of victories… practices that make sense because they’re actually so much better, a few that come to mind:

The cargo bike

A library membership


Clothes made from natural fibers

Shopping primarily at the greengrocer

Real sourdough from the bakery in cute bread bags.

A pantry full of glass jars refilled at the bulk store

Medjool dates + almond butter

Homemade ghee popcorn

This pottery cup and this daily snacker

Of course, there have been many fails which resulted in unashamed regression; sugar wax that doesn’t stick, home made face moisturiser that irritates and DIY deodorant that left residue on favourite tees.

I’m trying, and I think that’s the whole point, to be aware and

to try. 

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