Melbourne organic food coop

A few months ago I spent some time listening to Zach Bush and Rich Roll talking about this broken food system of ours and I decided in that moment that I was going to start a food co-op, something I had been meaning to do for years…

It has taken a few long months of late nights spent researching local small scale organic growers, interviewing friends and slowly curating a list of pantry staples like rain fed rice, biodynamic oats, flour, olive oil and nuts. To be fair, there were a few Youtube rabbit hole detours learning about regenerative agriculture, biodynamic farming and even backyard permaculture as I weighed up all options and came to a simple list of fifteen core pantry staples that we all eat most weeks, that could make a difference.

It’s very much in its infancy at the moment, with an excel order form and a very crudely put together info sheet about each of the growers however please do drop me an email if you’re interested in learning more. Collection is only available in Middle Park at this stage, but who knows where it will go… sometimes we need to let these things either sink or…


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