A time to splurge

Sustainable living

In a lot of ways we live pretty conservatively, consuming mindfully and slowly, however I was thinking the other day that there are still certain times when it’s good to let it rain and spend with absolute reckless abandon. Continue reading “A time to splurge”

A simple wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe minimalist

There is nothing more peaceful than living in a simple home that has been de-cluttered Konmari style in order to be surrounded by only a few things that we truly love. Realising that less is more certainly makes for a much more mindful shopper.. enjoying the art of browsing and mentally absorbing the designers creativity without the impulse to purchase. Over the years I have learnt a few things about a capsule wardrobe:

+ The happy dance rule. If it doesn’t inspire a happy dance in the change rooms don’t buy it. Unless you physically cannot walk out of the store without taking that AMAAAZING item home, then leave it on the racks – if you’re unsure now, you will only grow to despise the purchase in a few short months. This applies to everything from clothes to beauty products to items for the home, just a few happy dance shopping trips later and you will have saved a lot of money and  saved the planet from the tonnes of environmental resources that go into making goods that no-one really values.

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